Landscape photography began as a hobby and was one of the major factors that kick-started my photography career.  I've taken thousands of photographs of sunrises to sunsets and everything in between and this was all for my own enjoyment.   People started to notice my talent and suddenly I was being asked by a wide range of people not only if they could buy my prints but also if I had been to certain places to experience specific shots.
I have an extensive library of shots which are suitable for home or office and will compliment any wall. I also enjoy the request of shooting a specific scene that someone would like captured.  Often when someone buys a print they ask me if I can give them a copy to put on the desktop of their computer which I am more that happy to do.

Whether it be taking photos of engineering parts, products, office buildings, installations, hotel rooms or food for restaurants my photography can help promote any product or service. Photography, and more importantly good photography, is becoming increasingly important when promoting your business, especially with most people owning their own digital cameras, and 'thinking' that they can capture a great shot.
More and more my photography is being combined with the design to create websites, posters, leaflets, flyers and brochures that really show off any business.

Location portraits are in my opinion not only the most fun but also capture the real essence of the subject, whether it be children playing in their favorite park or a family out on a picnic, almost any situation can be turned into a great opportunity for stunning photos.   The best portraits are always taken when people are relaxed and having fun and that really sums up my whole approach to portraits, relaxed and fun.

I love covering events as they are always highly charged and hectic which I thrive upon.  Whether it be a band performing a gig, a corporate event, a play, or any event where a performance can be captured, I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the 'special day' by capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

I've always been a naturally creative person and started designing little pieces for people purely as a hobby to help out friends, but as with the photography the more I did the more people recommended me and the more work I got until I realized I could offer a unique service combining my design and my photography.   I will tackle any design job including websites because the key principles are always the same, to communicate a message, idea, or feeling through whatever medium is necessary, be that print or web.   I love the challenge of starting with a blank screen and a few ideas and coming up with a logo, leaflet, poster or website, and seeing my clients ideas become reality.


28th March
My website is nearing completion and I'll be ready to start taking bookings very soon.